Saturday, January 31, 2009

Welcome to my blog

Hello! My name is Patricia Amero, and I am a Registered Professional Forester who specializes in ecosystem-based forest management. With my partner, Sandy Hyde, I am co-owner of Picea Forestry Consultants & Woodlot Management, which works with woodlot owners all over Nova Scotia.

In this blog, I hope to share some of the knowledge and experience I've gained working woodlot owners who are dedicated to managing their woodlots not only for their own benefit but also for the benefit of future generations. These woodlot owners inspire me, and I hope they will inspire you too.

Above, that's me in a stand of hemlocks, pines and Yellow birch that are more than 120 years old. I am taking a forest inventory and notes to help make recommendations for this beautiful woodlot located along a lake in Lunenburg county. We recommended a light selection harvest to open up the canopy to encourage some additional age classes in order to continuously maintain forest cover in the area, which has lots of recreational potential.

To start, here is some information about me. I have been the general manager and owner of Picea Forestry Consulting and Woodlot Services for 9 years. Picea offers a wide range of professional woodlot management services. We have written management plans for two winners of Provincial Woodlot Owner of the Year, helped organize provincial field days in connection with the WOY program, and developed and administered forest stewardship programs for Registered Buyers as required under the Nova Scotia Forest Sustainability Regulations. Currently we are involved in an project funded by the Nova Scotia Department of Natural Resources to help Nova Scotia woodlot owners bring their woodlots into certification.

In 2008 I coordinated a NSDNR-funded outreach project designed to educate Nova Scotia woodlot owners about uneven-aged management. During this highly successful project I was able to talk to hundreds of woodlot owners in all regions of the province, both in groups and one on one, and made site visits to woodlots throughout the province.

Previous to starting my own business, I was silviculture supervisor for MacTara Ltd., of Upper Musquodoboit, Crown Land/Wildlife Forest Technician for the DNR in Lawrencetown, and a private land forest technician for the DNR in Digby.

I have a broad view and understanding of the various values and objectives woodlot owners have for the forest, the diverse range of forest conditions and ecosystems that are present throughout Nova Scotia; the challenges of management, and the potential that our forest holds in terms of producing high-quality forest products and non-timber forest products, as well as recreational and educational activities. I am passionate about working with private woodlot owners to help them realize the full range of values and benefits our forest is capable of providing.

I welcome your comments on this blog.